What is the Right Mix of IT for my Business?

IT leaders recognize the critical need for simpler, more flexible, automated infrastructures that can align IT resources with continually changing business demands.  However, it’s not just a matter of implementing cloud, mobile and virtualization technologies. Any new platforms and solutions must also shrink the black hole of manpower, time and budget created by escalating IT complexity. Right now, there is often not enough time, skilled staff and budget to integrate, secure and manage a modernization initiative.

According to an Oxford Economics study, this leaves many IT leaders between a rock and a hard place when it comes to building IT that can capitalize on digital market opportunities, while simultaneously managing the legacy systems designed to “run the business.” However, 70 percent agreed that bringing innovative new products and services to market is a competitive imperative.1

Create the Right Mix with Works Computing and Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Only responsive, hybrid infrastructures can scale and provision services with the speed and agility your business – and mobile users – need to be productive and drive revenue. With Hybrid (link to Hybrid IT blog) and Hyperconverged IT (link to Hybrid IT blog) solutions from Works Computing and HPE, you can combine the best of traditional hardware, cloud, and off-premises IT to optimize the performance of 100 percent of your applications and your mobile workforce to:

  • Energize growth
  • Strengthen profitability
  • Boost productivity

Download designing-a-modern-infrastructure-for-the-idea-economy to learn how to determine the Right Mix for your business.

 Developing Your Hybrid IT Strategy with Works Computing

Works Computing, an HPE Platinum Partner, has a track record of working with hundreds of companies to develop the Right Mix of cloud, hybrid and hyperconverged infrastructures. These models and technologies have proven to be ideal for transforming legacy-laden infrastructures into strategic IT service centers.

We believe the best way to experience what Works Computing can do for you is to spend time going over operational directions and challenges with our team of talented and experienced Solution Architects.  These initial sessions are complimentary and will help us better understand your environment, your goals, and how Works can help. Use cases include but are not limited to:

  • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) of mid-sized enterprise, remote office/branch office (ROBO) and managed services.
  • Virtualization server infrastructure (VSI) of mid-sized enterprise, ROBO and managed services.
  • Single, central data center or multiple data centers with replication and backup.
  • Server and storage consolidation, virtualization and hyperconvergence.
  • Testing and development.
  • Local and/or remote 3rdparty hybrid cloud deployment and support.

To experience our solutions first hand, we invite you to schedule a complimentary visit to our Works Computing Client Briefing Center.

Our continuing goal is to be your proven strategic IT partner. To learn more, email us at info@workscomputing.com.

Contact Works Computing today to gain the Hybrid IT advantage.

1 “Growing Pressures of the Idea Economy”; Oxford Economics and Hewlett Packard Enterprise; April 2015.  Download “Business at the Speed of
Thought” at HPEMatter.com/Davos to read the complete briefing paper from Oxford Economics.