Turn Technologies and Trends into Solutions

The State of Data Center Networking: Datacenter networking is going
through a large overhaul in both design and best practices. Today,
about 76% of datacenter network traffic is moving east to west within
the datacenter – this is an area where security on the network has
been almost non-existent. Solutions are moving to a scale-out, two-tier,
leaf-spine architectures with greater reliability and intelligence.
Today, we can offer full firewall and IPS features within the datacenter
fabric without the legacy hairpin firewall techniques that typically lead
to complexity and performance issues that don’t scale. Now let’s tie it
all together under one intelligent management interface that is supporting
security, networking, and load balancing with open integration
supporting various manufacturers.

Cloud Enabled Networking: Cloud networking is seldom discussed or
marketed directly, but is key to allowing cloud services to be effectively
integrated into your business. Cloud hosted virtual appliances
provide the features and control you have been accustomed to with
physical networking; however, the ability to migrate servers seamlessly
from your own premises datacenter to your favorite cloud provider
is not automatic. Better yet, learn how IT can be the service provider
to your business no matter how or where they choose to connect and
still retain end-to-end security. Laying a baseline architecture down for
this should be a priority.

Software Defined Networking (SDN): Data networking is finally in the
process of an overdue transformation with the emergence of SDN.
The premise of SDN is simple, yet extremely compelling. Remove the
command and control functions from a group of network switches
and allow a centralized and dynamic control structure. The result is
an “intelligent network” that allows the important applications to run
faster and more reliably, while at the same time reducing the clutter of
non-essential traffic.

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