The Secret to Accelerating Data Center Modernization

Blog 1Every IT leader hampered by an outdated infrastructure recognizes the need for transformation. Sluggish app performance impacts workforce productivity, turnover and profitability. Siloed resources slow growth, responsiveness and agility. Companies need an IT infrastructure that can work at cloud speeds to quickly capitalize on new opportunities and outpace the competition.

But how do you rapidly modernize outdated data centers in an era of shrinking IT budgets? And how do you minimize disruption and operational risk in the process? Start by revamping the server infrastructure.

The Compute Revolution

Today’s servers offer more compute capacity as well as PCI accelerators. These additional efficiencies instantly overhaul data centers and improve workload performance. Compute resources can now be controlled via a uniform set of RESTful APIs. Administrators can take advantage of software-defined management solutions to create fluid resource pools with faster setup and streamlined administration.

These innovations translate into several key advantages:

• In-house service delivery operates at cloud speed
• Redefined compute economics lowers operational costs
• Density optimized infrastructures consolidate resources and shrink data center footprints
• Workforce productivity improvements boost application performance
• More powerful compute resources that support next-gen workforce collaboration, mobile, data and trading applications give organizations a competitive advantage

To maximize results and ROI on any modernization project, choose technologies that seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructures and provide a bridge to the hybrid cloud environments of the future. Today’s modular, API-driven infrastructure building blocks are designed to future-proof environments with seamless support for both traditional and cloud-based workloads.

Fast-Track Results with a Customized Transformation Plan

At Works Computing, we’ve partnered with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to help clients inject next-gen compute technologies into existing environments to improve agility, lower costs and increase business productivity for today’s critical mobile, collaborative and data-driven apps. We leverage the unique innovations offered by the HPE ProLiant Gen9 Server powered by Intel® Xeon® processors—by accommodating four processors running up to 96 cores with access to 6 TB of high-performance DDR4 memory, it yields a dramatic improvement in data center performance and flexibility.

Starting a modernization project? For a consultation with a data center transformation expert that will accelerate your unique business and IT goals, contact us today.



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