Security Workshop

At Works Computing, security is a process, not a product. Solid security plans require deep thought, regular refinement and the application of the appropriate security technologies aligned with your unique business needs. To start this process, we offer  a Works Security Workshop. This workshop is comprised of a Works Computing Security Solutions Architect working alongside your team to review and assess the compliance of your company’s security parameters, and ensures that they fall within security guidelines and best practices. Let our certified professional services team help you prepare across the entire attack continuum; before, during, and after cyber-attacks. Works Computing will help you navigate today’s increasingly growing and complex security threat landscape to ensure your company is protected.

Works Security Workshop Goals

  • A more defined understanding of your business and IT strategies
  • Identify security obligations, scope, and boundaries
  • Expose and document risk tolerance level(s)
  • Review current state and define security target state
  • Access current security capabilities
  • Basic internal and external discovery testing
  • Identify gaps as a committee
  • Build a security roadmap

Works Security Workshop Process

  • Perform round table interview with Security and IT Management
  • Perform Tool Gap Analysis and review tools in place today
    • Identify functionality posture
    • Identify tool overlap
    • Identify stability and value
    • Review functionality limitations
  • Perform Security Posture Evaluation
    • Perimeter Malware, Virus, DLP & IPS data collection
    • Firewall design and rule observation
    • Internal and external network  discovery

Focus on your core business initiatives and let a Works Computing Professional help with the rest. To learn more about how we can help keep your data secure, please contact us at 952.746.1580.