Managed Services

Customers who want trusted, dedicated datacenter expertise can engage a Works certified IT server consultant. Our locally based experienced experts are placed on-site at our customer’s location and are available on a daily basis during project kickoff, design, build, and production phases. They focus on your customer-specific datacenter needs, provide guidance around best practices, and give you access to deep product knowledge.

Works Technical experts may fulfill a customer’s need for IT staff who are generally knowledgeable with datacenter needs in regards to Servers,  Storage, Virtualization and Networking, or they may be subject matter experts in a particular area of the datacenter. Based on a customer’s need and request, an appropriate experienced Works technical consultant is staffed for their program. By hosting a Works resource, you can improve productivity, consistency, and efficiency of your datacenter projects. Focus on your core business initiatives and let Works Computing Managed Services help with the rest.


  • Hands-on planning, building, and roll-out of datacenter infrastructure
  • Best practices guidance on installation, setup, infrastructure operation
  • Role- and implementation-specific deliverables based on customer specific needs such as project planning, gap analysis, installation, configuration and operations


  • Shorten timelines by having the appropriate resources when needed
  • Provides an IT staff resource with datacenter knowledge
  • Access to industry technical content, best practices, resources and knowledge bases
  • Leverages best practices and cross-functional expertise
  • Fills gaps in staff resources and skill sets
  • Speed time-to-value
  • Delivered via customized SOW

Pricing and Terms

  • Residency to be staffed by a Works Certified technical consultant
  • Flexible terms of 2 weeks to 12+ months
  • Contact your Enterprise Account Manager for pricing information