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9735_hp_bb_08_conference_room_75HP has a long history of technology leadership, and of developing intuitive products that are easy to use and manage. As the world’s largest technology company, HP brings together a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure at the convergence of the cloud and connectivity. HP can help you create seamless, secure, context-aware experiences for a connected world. At HP we don’t just believe in the power of technology. We believe in the power of people when technology works for them. To help you create. To make the digital tangible. To harness the power of human information. Choose HP to enable all your customers – from individuals to the largest corporations – to find technologies to transform how they work and play. Explore this site to learn more:


Learn how HP can help you consolidate your servers to reduce costs, energy consumption and sprawl – while responding faster to changing business requirements.


See how you can manage, protect and grow your business with HP storage solutions – whether you need simple data backup or to protect enterprise-wide, mission-critical applications.


Explore HP’s full range of standards-based, integrated solutions and enterprise-class services designed to simplify networks, deliver services more flexibly and contain costs.


Find services for the cloud, security, and information and analytics that can optimize your technology investments and operations to increase system availability and reduce service disruptions.

HP Converged Infrastructure and Cloud

Infrastructure convergence has made the emergence of cloud computing and the promise of services anywhere, anytime a reality. With HP’s exciting Converged Cloud approach – the industry’s first cloud strategy and portfolio based on a single architecture – we’re helping businesses like yours build, manage, and secure hybrid environments that seamlessly optimize between traditional IT, private cloud, and public cloud. Built on the powerful HP Converged Infrastructure foundation, all of our cloud solutions are built around a core set of customer-focused principles:

  • Choice – through an open, standards-based approach
  • Confidence – through our management and security offering
  • Consistency – through a single common architecture


  • Accelerate innovation, increase agility, and lower costs
  • Access infrastructure, applications, and information – anytime and anywhere
  • Create an environment that is flexible, secure, and always ready for change
  • Achieve optimal performance, management, security, governance, and scalability
  • Read more about HP Coveraged Infrastructure.

Fast-track your path to the cloud with HP CloudSystem

HP CloudSystem offers a complete, integrated, and open system to build and manage services across public, private, and hybrid clouds. As part of the HP Converged Cloud architecture, it combines Converged Infrastructure as the foundation; with HP Cloud Service Automation providing a simplified, integrated cloud platform for enterprises and service providers to speed innovation, accelerate business processes, and reduce time to revenue. Exploit the Cloud: HP CloudSystem


HP Servers

The Right Choice for Today’s Infrastructure Needs

HP ProLiant Servers: Redefining Server Economics


In today’s data centers, server consolidation and cost reduction are top-of-mind concerns. You need to work aggressively to stop server and storage sprawl, reduce energy expenditures, and make better use of your valuable floor space-while responding faster to changing business requirements.

HP Converged Infrastructure solutions and services can help you meet these goals. They break down technology silos to bring all IT resources together into virtualized pools of assets that can be shared by many applications and managed as a service. It also brings together power and cooling practices so systems and facilities work synergistically to extend the life of your data center.

The HP ProLiant server portfolio offers key building blocks for your converged infrastructure, helping you address new and emerging realities in today’s data centers. Advances with HP ProLiant Gen 8 servers, in particular, offer a wide range of innovative automation and intelligent management features creating an element of self-sufficiency that doubles the performance of previous server generations of HP servers and helps you gain more value out of every IT dollar. Likewise HP ProLiant Moonshoot System – the world’s first software defined server platform – is helping businesses address the speed, scale, and specialization needed for a “New Style of IT.” Even better, its system architecture enables you to deliver more services with less space, less energy, less cost, and less complexity.

HP Mission-Critical Servers

2If your business requires the most reliable, flexible, scalable infrastructure then you’re looking for HP Integrity systems. The HP Integrity systems family is the most trusted brand for mission critical environments requiring the highest RAS levels.

The HP Integrity line delivers dynamically scalable solutions, from entry-class to Superdome to NonStop servers—and even mission-critical blades. From consolidating multiple servers to hosting data warehouses, ERP applications, and other mission-critical environments, HP Integrity systems are the answer for you. If you’re looking for additional ways to simplify a growing, multi-server environment, read further to explore the HP Integrity Family of servers.

HP Proliant Serves

HP ProLiant server portfolio


Find the server that’s right for your needs

HP ProLiant systems are top-selling servers. Their popularity stems, in part, from our ongoing commitment to provide a complete industry-standard server infrastructure that delivers confidence and reliability. Whether you’re looking for a departmental server, an enterprise data center, or anything in between, HP can meet your exact needs. Simply choose the right levels of performance, availability, expandability, and manageability from the world’s most comprehensive industry-standard server and options portfolio.

HP ProLiant MicroServer: General purpose server that can provide a platform to organize and safeguard business information, allow effective communication with customers, and make the most of your existing office equipment and resources.

HP ProLiant Modular Line (ML): Flexible, expandable tower, and rack/tower options available for growing businesses in 1- and 2-socket designs, and entry- and enterprise-class feature sets.

HP ProLiant Density Line (DL): Powerful servers in 1, 2, 4, or 7U configurations as well as multi-node server designs, all optimized for a rack-mounted server.

HP ProLiant Scalable System (SL): A server family that enables a shared server infrastructure optimized for extreme scale-out deployments.

HP ProLiant Blade Servers (BL): Compact and powerful servers designed for performance, management, density, and low total cost of ownership (TCO).

HP Moonshot System: The world’s first software-defined server that delivers innovative solutions at unprecedented speed and scale for Internet scale applications.

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HP ProLiant Gen8

HP ProLiant Servers: Blade, x86 mainstream rack and tower, and hyper scale.

HP ProLiant Gen8: Transform your data center

HP ProLiant Gen8: System Architecture & Design

From the moment you see your first ProLiant Gen8 server to the first time you touch the precise design, you will feel and see the built-in quality.

System Architecture & Design Video

HP ProLiant Gen8: Integrated Lifecycle Automation

HP ProLiant Gen8 servers use intelligence to automate your most common tasks during each step of the IT lifecycle.

Integrated Lifecycle Automation Video

HP High Efficient Power Supplies

New HP high efficiency Power Supplies meet 80 PLUS Gold 92% power efficiency specifications, with some even achieving beyond 94% power efficiency. HP now offers you the broadest portfolio of 80 PLUS Gold compatible servers in the market. Adding to the Thermal Logic technology, these new common slot Power Supplies help you reclaim wasted energy and save you money.


HP Moonshot System—speed, scale, and specialization

The Cloud, Mobility, Security, and Big Data are transforming what the business expects from IT. As a result, we’re seeing a “New Style of IT.” Fortunately HP has just the solution to address this shift. The HP Moonshot System is the world’s first software defined server designed to accelerate innovation while delivering breakthrough efficiency and scale.

HP Moonshot servers are tailored and tuned for specific IoT solutions—specialized solutions that provide optimal results for a given workload, from dedicated hosting, data analytics, and Web front end to more advanced functions such as Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), and Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs).

Your solution starts with the HP Moonshot 1500 Chassis, which supports shared components, including power, cooling, management, and fabric for 45 individually serviceable hot-plug servers. The complete system delivers maximum density with unparalleled power efficiency—requiring up to 89 percent less energy, 80 percent less space, and 77 percent less cost than traditional servers.1
1 According to HP engineering internal research.

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HP Performance Optimized Datacenters (POD)

HP Performance Optimized Data Centers (HP PODs) are a portfolio of breakthrough, modular data centers that help enterprises rapidly and efficiently expand data center capacity and meet increasing service level agreements. Compared to traditional brick-and-mortar data centers, HP PODs help you scale capacity on demand, reduce capital expenditures and increase energy efficiency.

Along with our complete portfolio of HP POD solutions, HP provides turnkey solutions that help customers deliver on their data center strategies, saving time and maximizing performance.


Server Management

HP OneView

HP OneView is the first software platform that creates a modern and integrated workspace for lifecycle management of HP Converged Infrastructure. HP applied the best experiences from the consumer world to the complex job of infrastructure management, so your IT team can work in a more natural and collaborative way.

This approach shifts your management focus from ‘how devices run’ to ‘how people work.’ With an unprecedented ease of use, you can deploy and manage your environment faster, at lower cost, and maximize productivity at any scale.

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HP iLO 4

Building on the legendary HP iLO, today we introduce new standard features included in every HP ProLiant Gen8 server to simplify server setup, health monitoring, power and thermal control, and remote administration.

  • HP Agentless Management: This base hardware monitoring and alerting capability is built into the system and starts working the moment a power cord and an Ethernet cable are connected to the server.
  • HP iLO Mobile App: With the HP iLO Mobile App, you get immediate secured access to your server from your Smartphone or tablet devices.
  • HP iLO multi-language support: We continue to expand the number of languages on our HP iLO GUI.
  • HP Sea of Sensors 3D: Get a 3D view of system cooling that automatically tracks thermal activity-heat-across the server. When temperatures get too high, sensors can kick on fans and make other adjustments to reduce energy usage.

Insight Control

Reduce unplanned downtime, deliver stable IT services, and respond to pressing business needs faster. HP Insight Control is essential server management that enables you to fully utilize the management capability built into your HP ProLiant servers. HP Insight Control gives you more from every dollar, hour, and watt invested in your ProLiant servers. With Insight Control and related services, you can deploy new ProLiant servers quickly and reliably, catalog your environment accurately, proactively monitor server health to pinpoint failures before they result in unplanned downtime, manage ProLiant servers remotely from any location, and optimize power usage confidently.

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HP Options

Complete your data center with HP Server options – including memory, drives, processors, racks, operating system software, and power and cooling. Strengthen the foundation of your data center with high caliber products that are easy to maintain and tailored for ProLiant, Integrity, and HP Storage, giving you confidence in your whole infrastructure.

ProLiant Server Services

Services from HP help customers minimize the cost and risk attributable to downtime. The breadth of available services and support allow customers to gain efficiency and productivity to meet business goals, increase server performance, and result in greater return on your ProLiant server investment.

  • HP Deployment Services speed up implementation and make sure that customers get the most from their HP ProLiant hardware and software right from the start.
  • HP Hardware Support Services ensure fast, expert repairs from the foremost experts on HP hardware. This minimizes time—to—repair and saves cost—of—downtime.
  • HP Software Support Services deliver expert support for HP ProLiant management software such as Insight Control, Linux and Microsoft OS software as well as virtualization software from VMware and Citrix.
  • HP Proactive and Mission Critical Services offer unequaled protection for business critical IT environments.
  • HP Education Services offer one—stop shopping. Courses range from server deployment to ProLiant system management software to Virtualization to Infrastructure Solutions and Operating Systems.


HP Mission Critical Serves


HP Mission-Critical Servers

Designed for Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure

Responding to emerging trends in cloud, big data and mobility is a constantly evolving challenge. Systems eventually run out of room, demand too much floor space, and use up too much energy. Data must be processed faster and provide a proven, mission-critical infrastructure that can keep vital applications up and running.

HP Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure is specifically designed to anticipate, and successfully manage key workloads. Your business and its mission-critical IT are kept up and running with a simple, integrated, and automated environment. With HP Integrity solutions as the foundation, your databases, SAP, and BI applications will be as resilient and flexible as you need them to be, now and well into the Future.

At HP, Integrity is more than technology—it’s a mission-critical infrastructure as well as a core value in the solutions developed and delivered by HP.

For more information on the HP Integrity portfolio, please see the complete HP Integrity Systems Family Guide.

Superdome2_DisplayPanelHP Integrity Superdome

  • The ultimate mission-critical consolidation platform, ideal for high-end availability and reliability
  • Perfect for data-intensive workloads and consolidation
  • Up to 32 socket scalability; designed to scale from 8 to 256 cores and more
  • Increase the scalability and reliability of your infrastructure: HP Superdome 2 for converged infrastructure platform

For more information on HP Superdome, please see theSuperdome 2 Data Sheet.

9543_fullintegrityblade_060HP Integrity Server Blades

  • The Integrity server blades offer increased flexibility and availability with electrically isolated hard partitions (nPars).
  • The HP Integrity BL860c i4 Server Blade, HP Integrity BL870c i4 Server Blade, and HP Integrity BL890c i4 Server Blade are flexible and versatile two-, four-, and eight-socket systems; ideal for mission-critical enterprise applications.
  • With support for hard partitioning (HP nPars), HP-UX Virtual Partitions (HP-UX vPars), and HP Integrity Virtual Machines, these Integrity server blades provide mission-critical levels of virtualization availability and flexibility.

For more information on HP Integrity Blades, please see theIntegrity Blades Data Sheet.

HP_Integrity_NonStopHP Integrity NonStop Servers

Continuing HP’s Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure portfolio, the HP Integrity NonStop NS2100 joins the NS2200 in the next generation of entry-class HP Integrity NonStop servers. It is designed to deliver high levels of availability and data integrity in a cost-effective manner.

For more information on HP NonStop platform, please see theNonStop Family Brochure.

HP-UX 11i: Mission-Critical UNIX

HP understands that critical environments endure, and our HP-UX roadmap extends longer into the future than any other UNIX in the market. HP-UX 11i v3 is designed to simplify and unify IT; and deliver the always-on resiliency, dynamic optimization of resources, and investment protection and stability demanded in mission-critical computing. It integrates proven UNIX functionality with advances in high availability, security, virtualization, workload management and instant capacity; and delivers it within the industry’s first mission-critical Converged Infrastructure driving up flexibility reducing risk and delivering compelling value.

For more information on HP-UX 11i, please see the HP-UX 11i v3 Brochure.


HP Project Odyssey – Full mission-critical x86 experience

How you implement your mission-critical environments is of paramount importance in order to keep those applications vital to your organization up and running. This includes how you plan and deploy your environment, what type of solutions you deploy and how the architecture is managed and supported. As part of Project Odyssey, HP is now focused on driving a UNIX-like experience into every level of your vital x86 environments and providing mission critical functionality for your Windows® and Linux® solutions and services.

Opening up a world of new possibilities
HP is bringing 100% fault-tolerant HP NonStop solutions to x86 architecture. As a result, customers will experience the only flexible approach to a 100% fault-tolerant infrastructure with the choice of HP NonStop on either the Intel® Itanium® architecture or the x86 architecture of Intel® Xeon® processors—another major milestone in the HP Project Odyssey roadmap to redefine the future of mission-critical computing.

You will benefit from continued innovations for your established NonStop environments with greater scalability, performance and security. And, by extending the HP server portfolio to include NonStop systems built on x86 technology, you will be able to choose which NonStop platform is the best path for your business, providing continuity for years to come regardless of the underlying infrastructure.

Only HP provides you with a proven solution for always-on business that delivers timeless value and leverages the HP Converged Infrastructure to maximize data center efficiency. Why HP NonStop? Because your customers never wait.

For more information on HP Project Odyssey, please visit www.hp.com/go/projectodyssey

HP Mission Critical Services: Delivering business-critical success

At HP, we deliver mission critical services with a difference. We collaborate closely with you, starting with your needs, and custom-tailor the solution that works best for your business. Count on HP Mission Critical Services professionals for:

  • Prevention of downtime using a proactive and holistic approach encompassing technology, processes and people.
  • Proven expertise spanning servers, storage, software, networks, SANs and more to quickly resolve even complex issues.
  • Vendor-agnostic, extensive experience in major virtualization technologies, including HP, Microsoft, VMware and Citrix.
  • Time-to-resolution commitments that help you address issues promptly and recover completely from outages.
  • Leadership and know-how in ITIL/ITSM.

Evolve Your Legacy Systems

Today’s HP Integrity Servers evolve with your mission-critical environment
Invest in the long-term future of your business. When you evolve your existing HP environment – legacy Integrity, HP 9000 or AlphaServer – to the latest Integrity family of products and solutions, your business will benefit from the investment protection and stability of HP’s Mission-Critical Converged Infrastructure.

Take advantage of the power and efficiencies of platform convergence for your most demanding workloads.

  • Simplify your data center on a common IT platform
  • Keep business up and running in today’s chaotic world
  • Enjoy efficient, optimized resources
  • Be ready for the future

Easily transition to HP Integrity
Ongoing advancements in HP Integrity/HP-UX solutions serve as the design center for Project Odyssey, which will deliver a UNIX-like experience for mission-critical Linux and Windows environments in the future for customers considering such a solution. Investing in HP Integrity servers and HP-UX positions your business to create or expand a mission-critical Converged Infrastructure that addresses your changing needs with a suite of product choices and investment protection.

You can move your databases and applications to today’s HP Integrity servers easily and cost-effectively. We will help you achieve a smooth transition by leveraging proven expertise and integration experience during all the phases of the transition process:


We have the tools to help you plan and execute one or more of these transition strategies:

  • Transfer existing applications from legacy systems to HP Integrity servers without re-architecting the solution stack. This will be a common approach for Oracle database and SAP landscapes, for instance.
  • Consolidate multiple application instances onto fewer servers to reduce TCO, taking advantage of virtualization, and leverage powerful processors to reduce processor count

Re-architect the solution environment and install it on the new server platform.


HP Storage

20130130_OFFICE_GUYS_TALKING-424Virtualization Solutions

The next-generation architectures from HP Converged Storage – featuring HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage, HP StoreVirtual Storage and HP MSA Storage – offer a solution that enhances and simplifies any virtualized client or server project. With differentiated technologies and best-in-class integration with leading ISV partners, HP can deliver value that others cannot:

  • Integration from software to silicon through the HP 3PAR StoreServ ASIC.
  • Complete, integrated management for storage, servers and networking.
  • HP StoreVirtual Storage provides affordable iSCSI storage with optional Fibre Channel connectivity.
  • Proven, 6-year track record delivering software-defined storage with HP StoreVirtual VSA.
  • HP MSA 2040 Storage sets new standards for $/IOPS in entry shared storage with the latest SAN interconnect technologies.

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20130201_RS_FACTORY_017P3625Data Protection Solutions

The world is changing. Major computing shifts mandate a new approach to backup and archive. HP’s visionary approach can help you establish a path to a fully converged backup, recovery and archive infrastructure. You get industry-leading scale and performance—plus new security enhancements and integration with major software providers.

  • Reduce risk and business downtime
  • Solve remote office data protection concerns
  • Lower capital and operational expenditure

With the only federated deduplication solution available today, HP StoreOnce Backup with StoreOnce Catalyst overcomes the gaps, inefficiencies and costs associated with fragmented, first-generation deduplication technologies and delivers industry-leading backup speeds. Also, address your long-term retention needs with HP StoreEver Tape solutions, the broadest and most advanced portfolio in the industry.

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20130130_OFFICE_GUYS_TALKING-424File and Application Solutions

HP StoreEasy Storage is a new breed of efficient, secure, and highly available storage to simply address file and application storage challenges for organizations large and small. Integrating seamlessly into your environment and easily managed by IT generalists, HP StoreEasy lets you focus on your business.

  • Efficient—Save both time and money
    HP StoreEasy is affordable and easy to manage. Support hundreds to thousands of concurrent users and multiple workloads, and deduplication delivers up to 60% space savings and intuitive management.
  • Secure—Protect your most valuable asset, your information
    With built-in encryption, sophisticated access controls and the ability to run antivirus and backup on the system, HP StoreEasy keeps your data secure whether it’s at rest, in flight or mobile.
  • Highly Available—Access critical information without interruption
    Active-active clustering, transparent failover, and non-disruptive upgrades ensure continuous availability of data to users, physical and Hyper-V servers and applications.

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Virtualization Solutions


HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage

HP 3PAR StoreServ – uniquely positioned to deliver the robust Tier 1 data services while innovating to deliver new flash and software-defined data center innovations.

When Value Matters: HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage offers Tier 1 storage at a midrange price with Quad-controller capable storage starting at $32,000.

When Performance Matters: HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 All-flash array offers no compromise now with over 900K IOPS at less than .7ms latency and Tier 1 features.

When Scale Matters: HP 3PAR StoreServ 10000 Storage offers Tier 1, mission critical storage with up to 2.2PB capacity and 8 controller nodes.

Eliminate Compromise: HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage – the only primary storage architecture you need– brochure

HP 3PAR StoreServ helps customers unleash competitive advantage – video


HP StoreVirtual 4300 Storage

HP StoreVirtual physical storage appliances are optimized for your advanced virtualized IT environments that need a clustered, scale-out architecture with innovative high-availability (HA) capabilities. Your storage cluster’s performance and capacity can grow over time, seamlessly and non-disruptively.

Business and Operational Benefits Achieved With HP StoreVirtual Storage– white paper

HP StoreVirtual VSA (Virtual Storage Appliance)
HP software-defined storage — HP StoreVirtual VSA — allows you to leverage existing server and local disk infrastructures. HP StoreVirtual VSA creates a virtual SAN from a local server disk that offers all the same enhanced availability, scalability, and advanced virtualization integration found in physical StoreVirtual storage appliances.

HP StoreVirtual VSA – Generating Storage IT and Business Value – video


 HP MSA 2040 Storage

HP MSA 2040 Storage is a modular storage platform and entry level SAN, designed for small and midsize organizations. It offers multiple interface choices with advanced SAN features and virtualization integration that is simple to install, manage, and expand.

Simple: Flexible architecture. Easy to set up. Easy to manage.

Fast: The MSA 2040 sets new standards for $/IOPS in entry SAN, 3x to 4x today’s competition.

Futureproof: 2x the bandwidth and the first entry SAN with 16Gb FC.

HP MSA 2040 Storage – data sheet

Edison Group: Fueling Successful SMB Virtualization with Smart Storage Decisions –white paper

Data Protection Solutions


HP StoreOnce Backup System

HP StoreOnce Backup is the fastest and most cost-effective backup and recovery.

When Value matters: New HP StoreOnce 2700 Series – backup appliance at a price you can afford, OR HP StoreOnce VSA — fast, efficient backup without dedicated hardware, while reducing storage costs significantly.

When Capacity matters: New HP StoreOnce 4500 series – winning in small and midsize data centers with scalable data protection with enhanced security, OR New HP StoreOnce 4700 Series – ideal for large data centers who have no need for high availability but need enhanced security.

When Scale and Resiliency Matters: New HP StoreOnce 6500 Series — The only high-end solution with autonomic restart to eliminate failed backup jobs with enhanced security.

HP StoreOnce Backup Storage– data sheet

Taneja Group – HP StoreOnce: Boldly Go Where No Deduplication Has Gone Before – white paper


HP StoreEver Tape

As the worldwide market share leader in tape drives and automation, HP StoreEver Tape provides tape storage that is critical to comprehensive data protection and archiving. Protect it longer, for less.

  • Economical—With support for LTO-6, HP StoreEver offers significant cost, energy and footprint advantages.
  • Simple—HP StoreOpen with LTFS makes file management with HP StoreEver as easy as disk.
  • Reliable—With enhanced reliability, extreme durability and proactive monitoring by HP StoreEver TapeAssure technology, you can store with confidence.
  • Secure—Hardware-based data encryption, WORM protection, and removable storage that are offline to threats make HP StoreEver a highly reliable safety net and an optimal platform for long-term digital archive.

Archive your data: HP StoreEver Tape Archive Solutions– white paper

HP StoreEver LTO-6 Ultrium Tape Drives – video

File and Application Solutions


HP StoreEasy 5000 Storage

Simple storage for my small businesses or branch offices – HP StoreEasy 1000 Storage can easily and economically support large numbers of users and accommodate growing volumes of files such as business documents, images, audio files, and videos.

Turnkey, active-active clustered storage for mid-sized environment – HP StoreEasy 5000 Storage is a new breed of efficient, secure and highly available file and application storage, supporting hundreds to thousands of concurrent users and multiple diverse workloads.

A cluster capable file gateway for use with SANs of any size – HP StoreEasy 3000 Gateway Storage is highly available file storage gateways to easily address the file and application storage for SANs, supporting hundreds to thousands of concurrent users and multiple diverse workloads.

Simplify file shares with HP Simply StoreIT solutions – brochure



HP Networking_HP_RGB_0407_120408_HULT_0066HP Networking

Networking is the fabric of organizations — connecting employees, customers and partners to applications.

HP simplifies, integrates and automates networking so organizations can focus on their core competencies.

Explore HP’s full range of standards-based, integrated solutions and enterprise-class services designed to simplify networks, deliver services more flexibly and contain costs.


HP’s FlexNetwork is the fabric of our converged infrastructure, seamlessly connecting users, applications and data. FlexNetwork delivers simplicity with a unified consistent standards-based architecture from the application — in your data center or the cloud — to the user — in headquarters, branch or mobile.




HP Networking offers a choice of the best available solutions for small to medium businesses and enterprises worldwide that help protect your IT investments by scaling as you grow.




Virtual Application Networks is a framework for automating network operations using HP’s industry-leading software-defined network technology to deliver the agility required for business to respond in minutes, not months.





Flex Network Arch_PICFlexNetwork Architecture

Mobility, virtualization, high-definition video, rich-media collaboration tools, and cloud computing are reinventing the way businesses and people work.

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The branch office plays an important role in an organization’s ability to attract, service, and retain customers and increase revenue. Branch office employees-the face of the corporation-can significantly impact customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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As enterprises evolve to meet new economic conditions and global business requirements, where and how business is transacted is changing faster than ever.

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Conducting business with the agility required by the more dynamic nature of highly virtualized data center environments necessitates adopting new networking technologies that streamline delivery methods and contain costs.

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You’re trying to address the escalating demands of the virtualized and cloud-ready data center. And you’ve seen how difficult-make that nearly impossible-it is for network IT to secure and orchestrate services in the virtual cloud and the virtualized workplace.

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HP20121026222Rich Media Communications

Build for the future with the industry’s most modern, scale-out storage built for virtualization, cloud and the explosion in structured and unstructured data.

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CT_RESEARCHLAB_0111_R2Network Security

A complete set of security solutions that address today’s sophisticated security threats at the perimeter and interior of your business.

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busmanmonitorNetwork Management

HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) is a unified, single-point network management solution that provides visibility across entire networks, enabling complete management of resources, services and users.

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20130129_DART_TRAIN_INSIDE-232Wireless LAN

HP networking offers intelligent 802.11n wireless networking solutions that provide access, management and security for business of all sizes with the flexibility to easily tailor your network to meet changing business needs.

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G321313072004_JPGHighresUnified Communications

Delivering proven, integrated communications to customers around the world who value high-performance solutions with minimized complexity and cost.

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A complete line of products providing superior reliability, proven performance and comprehensive features that help reduce complexity.

See Catalog for complete information




HP networking routers provide a robust array of wide area connectivity options, easy to use VPN capabilities and comprehensive security features.

See Catalog for complete information



HP_RGB_0203_120406_CALACADEMY_0025Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The HP BYOD solution delivers a robust, simple and secure way for your enterprise to allow users to access your network as well as applications from their own laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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HP_RGB_0402_120408_HULT_0234Dynamic Virtual Private Network

Simplify wide area network connectivity in a Virtual Application Network with HP DVPN solution, interconnecting data centers, campuses and branch offices with standards based IPsec VPN encryption.

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MC_DATACENTER_0422R2Software Defined Networking (SDN)

HP’s end-to-end software defined networking solution enables businesses to create a scalable, agile, and secure network that empowers IT staff and streamline business operations.

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20130201_Fabrication_plant_talking-605Data Center Interconnect (DCI)

To better enable organizations to extend the benefits of multi-tenant private clouds across multiple data centers, HP has developed data center interconnect solutions.

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HP_MIM_ANTHEM_Still-1.000001HP Unified Wired and Wireless Access

With HP Unified Wired and Wireless Access, you can unify campus networks to improve the user experience, strengthen security, and simplify management.

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HP Technology Services

HP Technology Services give you the freedom to focus on your all-important business processes. The HP award-winning portfolio of services means maximum system availability and minimal service disruptions to your organization and your customers. It also helps you maximize the value of your technology investment.

With HP Technology Services, you get access to HP trained and certified technology experts. No matter where your business is located or how complex your technology environment is, comprehensive HP service options can help keep your critical business processes up and running anywhere in the world.

TS_image001Product Services

We’re experts at providing service for your HP products, and we know your technology better than anyone else. We’ll not only help you fix it before it breaks, but also make it easier to keep your technology up-to-date. HP consultants and support experts can guide you in transforming your infrastructure for tomorrow while keeping your business running smoothly today.


TS_image002Support Services

We deliver support how, when, and where you want it. The HP Technology Services support services portfolio spans all technologies and in all geographies, letting you take full advantage of your technology to run your business efficiently and deliver better value to your customers.


TS_image003Consulting Services

The HP Technology Consulting portfolio lets you concentrate on delivering business results and building your enterprise, by keeping your technology running and developing your infrastructure for the future. HP has invested heavily in technology consulting capabilities to address your needs, including hiring some of the industry’s top consultants and thought leaders.

More information


Product Services

PSP_image001Business Critical Server Services

When your systems crash, your business is on the line. But ensuring that you have the service and support you need to prevent a catastrophe can be difficult and complex. HP Business Critical Service Services are designed to deliver the expertise your situation demands, across complex, multivendor platforms—anywhere in the world, around the clock.

HP Business Critical Server Services include:

  • Alpha, PA-RISC and Integrity Server Services: Experienced HP professionals can help you leverage your Alpha, PA-RISC and Integrity server investments.
  • Integrity NonStop BladeSystem Services: HP offers three non-stop service solutions to meet your Integrity NonStop BladeSystem needs: Foundation, Proactive, and Critical Service.
  • Product Support for NonStop Servers: HP Product Support for NonStop Servers provides access to operating system patches, service notes, and other server tools.
  • NonStop Server Services: HP NonStop Services help speed time to production, decrease downtime, and increase IT effectiveness.
  • Superdome Server Services: Superdome Server Services include three levels of consulting services: Foundation Service Solutions, Proactive Services, and Critical Service.
  • Product Support for ProLiant DL Servers: HP offers industry-leading expertise and technical knowhow for your HP ProLiant DL785 and HP ProLiant DL980 servers.

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PSP_image003BladeSystem Services

HP BladeSystem Services include consulting, implementation, and support services for HP BladeSystems. HP can design a custom BladeSystem architecture to plan your system for growth, efficiency, and flexibility. HP services get your BladeSystem up and running faster, so your benefits start earlier, including the support you need to keep them running.

BladeSystem Services can help supply the expertise you need while your own staff gains knowledge and experience in the new technologies. As you transition to an HP BladeSystem-based converged infrastructure environment, HP best-practices-based consulting and support services can help you meet the full spectrum of your planning, design, deployment, and support needs.

HP BladeSystem Services include:

  • ProLiant (x86) Blade Services: ProLiant BladeSystem Services provide installation services and hardware support for ProLiant 200, 400, and 600 series blades.
  • HP CloudSystem Matrix Services: CloudSystem Matrix Services provide hardware and software support for HP CloudSystem Matrix.
  • Integrity Blade Services: Integrity Blade Services provide installation services and hardware support for HP Integrity blades.
  • Workstation Blade Services: Workstation Blade Services provide installation services and hardware support for HP Workstation Blades.
  • Storage Infrastructure Blade Services: Storage Infrastructure Blade Services provide installation services and hardware support for HP StorageWorks blades and storage interconnects.
  • Operating System and Software Services: Operating system and software services provide implementation services for software, assistance using software features, problem resolution, and software updates.
  • BladeSystem Infrastructure Services: BladeSystem Infrastructure Services provide installation services and hardware support for c3000 enclosures, c7000 enclosures, and Virtual Connect.

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PSP_image004ProLiant Server Services

Server shutdowns will bring business to a screeching halt. Today’s servers are more powerful than ever before, taking on functions that are critical to your business success. They are also more complex, with virtualization, converged infrastructure, and cloud solutions running business-critical applications on industry-standard servers.

All of this makes managing your server environment increasingly challenging, especially with limited resources and tight budgets. These realities demand a new approach to service support for industry-standard server environments—support that will help ensure critical reliability and save on costs by reducing energy consumption. Of course, making the most of your technology investments is one thing; using technology to make the most of your business is another. Now—thanks to HP ProLiant Server Services—you can do both.

HP ProLiant Server Services include:

  • ProLiant Data Center Services: Regardless of the size of your data center, our experts can work with you to address the specific issues you face in running your x86 environment.
  • Recommended HP ProLiant Server Family Services: HP offers a comprehensive set of services to manage and optimize every aspect of your server environment.
  • Infrastructure Services for HP POD240a: HP Infrastructure Services for HP Performance Optimized Data Center 240a (HP POD 240a) span your POD and IT lifecycle support needs.
  • HP Services for Scale Out IT Environments: With HP Services for Scale Out IT Environments, you can minimize IT failures, improve efficiencies, and integrate processes

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PSP_image005Storage Services

HP Storage Services—combining technical know-how with multivendor expertise—can help you operate more efficiently and strategically, while delivering measurable ROI increases. HP offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of storage services, giving you flexible choices for both proactive and reactive support. From mission-critical onsite services to innovative Web-based remote support, you choose the level of attention that’s right for your business.

HP experts can help simplify your multivendor storage environment. HP expertise spans the entire technology environment, not just storage. With Storage Consulting and Support services, you can be confident that all of your storage needs are being met. HP storage experts can help you with storage infrastructure transformation, data optimization and availability, storage service transformation, multivendor SAN support, and installation and implementation.

Leading organizations count on HP for a collaborative storage services approach. With services experts available worldwide, HP supports every phase of the storage lifecycle. No one has a broader service network for HP storage products.

HP Storage Services include:

  • Technology Services for HP Storage: HP offers a range of support plans that allow you to increase the availability of your storage infrastructure and improve productivity for business users and IT staff.
  • Storage Migration Consulting: A number of forces are driving the need for new approaches in data management, including exponential growth of data, unstructured data, demand for service-centric data centers, and rapid business changes. HP Storage Consulting Services address these challenges by optimizing and protecting your data.
  • Storage Support, Deploy, and Implement: Looking for the optimum way to implement and integrate new HP StorageWorks products and solutions quickly and seamlessly? HP has the tools and techniques to help you transition smoothly to a more converged infrastructure.
  • Storage Infrastructure Consulting: Your information must continue to evolve. Tomorrow’s data-management systems will differ radically from today’s. HP storage consultants can help you prepare for the change by optimizing and transforming your storage.
  • Big Data Consulting: New sources of unstructured information from social media and mobile devices are growing exponentially compared to conventional “rows-and-columns” data. Big data represents new technology challenges with processing and generating usable information. HP storage experts can help you integrate structured and unstructured data to make the most of existing investments.
  • Storage and Data Consultant Residency: HP delivers the answers you need for your storage and backup environment. HP Storage and Data Consultant Residency Service is a flexible way for you to get the storage expertise you need.
  • HP Software Professional Services for Data Management: HP Software Professional Services for Data Management solutions are flexible and scalable. HP can safeguard your business-critical information through real-time data mirroring between local and remote disk arrays.
  • Outsourced Storage Services: HP Outsourced Storage Services are fully managed storage services designed to shorten your time to results.

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PSP_image006Network Services

With the ever-increasing rate of change in network technology, even savvy network engineers are struggling to keep up. If you’re expanding your network or considering new solutions that require an appropriate network infrastructure to support it, HP can jumpstart your initiative. You’ll see faster benefits with lower impact on your staff and less risk to users and IT.

HP collaborates with customers to define a network vision and a path to get there, leveraging HP expertise. Proven HP methodology, FlexNetwork architecture, and a complete lifecycle of network services frees customers from proprietary networking and accelerates the delivery of a flexible, secure, cost-effective network—with resources that meet business demands instantly. .

The HP lifecycle of network services includes:

  • Network Strategy and Planning Services: These services define high-level strategies and roadmaps, business-case developments, high-level solution design and blueprints, and interoperability and transition strategies.
  • Network Assessment Services: HP network consultants employ a structured methodology to assess your end-to-end environment readiness, perform gap analysis and program planning, and provide recommendations and for your network roadmap.
  • Network Architecture and Design Services: These services offer detailed network architecture and design for your campus, wireless, and data center local area networks (LANs), leveraging HP reference architectures and methodology.
  • Network Integration and Deployment Services: You can get your new environment up and running quickly by engaging these services, which coordinate the end-to-end integration and deployment of your network implementation.
  • Network Optimization Services: These services enable your critical applications to meet performance service-level agreements (SLAs) by proactively detecting problems via continuous monitoring during production.
  • Network Support Services: HP delivers a reliable and consistent support experience with certified network experts, highly valued local support relationships, and multi-technology expertise when and where you need it.
  • Network Consulting for FlexNetwork: HP FlexNetwork services help customers assess, plan, and transform from proprietary networking to open-standards networking protocols.
  • IPv6 Consulting Services: The complete HP lifecycle of IPv6 Consulting services is a critical component of a comprehensive suite of solutions that enable a seamless transition to an IPv6 connected world.
  • Network Consulting for Unified Communications and Mobility: These solutions and services focus on network infrastructure that supports enablement of unified communications and mobility.

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PSP_image008Software Services

HP Software Services keep your operating systems and other critical software up-to-date; help you understand and use all the software features; and resolve any software problems. HP Software Services also improve the availability of your technology investments and make your IT staff more effective and efficient.

Your support teams must keep your operating systems and other vendor-provided software running smoothly. HP Software Services provide the latest versions of specific software products under support. Your staff can call a single number to get help using software features or resolving problems. Combined with HP Mission Critical Services, HP Software Services provide proactive support to ensure that software patches are applied quickly and that software is configured for best operation in your environment.

HP Software Services include:

  • HP Insight Management Software Services: HP Insight Management Software offers the tools you need to plan your infrastructure management strategy and track its success.
  • Linux Operating System Services: HP provides the support you need for Debian, Red Hat, and SUSE Linux.
  • UNIX Operating System Services: In-depth expertise makes HP support for HP-UX and Tru64 the industry standard.
  • OpenVMS Operating System Services: HP OpenVMS support solutions include Business Continuity and Availability Services, start-up and implementation services, and support services.
  • Prior Version and Mature Product Services: HP standard support services are available for current version software and the immediately preceding version.
  • Premium Software Support Services: When your business depends on the availability of a multivendor, multi-technology IT infrastructure, consider HP Premium Software Support.
  • Installation and Implementation Services: When you roll out new systems or applications, HP Installation and Implementation Services help you get there faster, with less impact on your staff and less risk to your business.

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PSP_image007Imaging and Printing Services

Consolidation is one of the keys to cost savings. Consider how much time you and your staff spend installing, supporting, and maintaining your printers and the impact this can have on your business. HP Imaging and Printing Support Services provide new ways to reduce costs and save time. Printing invoices, receipts, and statements are all important ways you communicate with your customers.

HP is the industry’s most comprehensive resource for printing and imaging support, with a single point of contact for printing and imaging support issues and management needs. You own the equipment, but HP is responsible for making sure it’s always available for your businesses.

HP Imaging and Printing Services include:

  • Imaging and printing Hardware support: If you experience a hardware glitch, HP Imaging and Printing Hardware Support has you covered.
  • Installation and implementation: HP offers installation services to connect your people and your network to your printers, verify that everything is up and running, and remove and recycle all packaging.

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Support Services


SS_image001Hardware Support Services

HP Hardware Support provides repair or replacement of faulty components if a hardware product fails. An array of Hardware Support services lets you upgrade your warranty support, to access higher service levels when business needs demand greater availability. They also let you extend support beyond the standard warranty term.

HP offers service levels and terms that fit your business needs, and HP delivers support almost anywhere in the world. HP Hardware Support helps you reduce the business risk of computer downtime and keep your systems—and your business—on track.

Hardware Support Services include:

  • Call-to-repair: For the systems most critical to your business, HP commits to resolving hardware problems within six hours when you purchase HP 6-Hour Call-to-Repair Hardware Support.
  • Same Day Hardware Support: Call any time, 24x7x365, and an HP support technician diagnoses the problem remotely and dispatches a support professional onsite within four hours.
  • Return-to-HP support services: For less-critical systems such as PCs and printers, choose from a flexible set of return-to-HP support services:
    • Return service: Pack it up and send it to an HP repair center. HP repairs or replaces it and ships it back to you.
    • Pickup and return service: HP picks it up, repairs it, and returns it to you.
    • Next-day exchange service: Need a replacement fast? HP will ship one to you overnight.
    • Accidental damage protection: Avoid unexpected costs. Extend hardware support service to include repair or replacement of a unit that’s been damaged accidentally.
    • One-time replacement service: When business functions rely on printing, HP will exchange your defective printer for a permanent replacement.
  • Same Business Day Hardware Support: Provides the same remote diagnostics and four-hour response available with same day service, but with flexible call windows.

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SS_image003Care Pack Services

HP Care Pack Services will help you get new systems and services up and running more quickly. HP helps IT professionals use hardware and software effectively and provide proactive support to help you prevent system downtime. When failures occur, HP provides the level of response you need to meet the needs of your business—whenever and wherever you need it.

HP Care Pack Services make buying and renewing support easy and flexible. When you purchase an HP product, it’s easy to find the right support alternative. Just pick the one that matches your needs by buying exactly the level of support you need—no more, no less.

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  1. HP Care Pack Central can help you access information about HP Care Pack Services.

SS_image004Integrated Multivendor Services

Most enterprise businesses use equipment from various manufacturers with different capacities, operating platforms, service delivery procedures, and service levels. Having multiple service providers often creates an additional hurdle for your business. HP Integrated Multivendor Services can provide your company with a technical support team to monitor and service your servers, storage, and network infrastructure.

Consolidate your service contract with one provider and easily manage your multi-provider environment. HP Integrated Multivendor Services experts have the knowledge base and expertise to be your single point of contact for all your service needs.

  1. Flexible support for heterogeneous IT environments
  2. HP Integrated Multivendor Services for x86 Environments

SS_image005Mission Critical Services

HP Mission Critical Services include both proactive and reactive solutions to help you operate more efficiently and sustain your environment’s availability, 24x7x365. HP will manage your critical IT infrastructure, including blade and virtualized environments. HP experts mitigate technology-associated business risks while increasing your company’s operational efficiency.

Maintaining availability, running efficiently, and responding quickly to changes are all top priorities. Let HP manage your critical information so you can focus on business.

Mission Critical Services include:

  • HP Mission Critical Partnership: HP offers Mission Critical Partnership as its most comprehensive support solution.
  • HP Proactive Select: With Proactive Select, you get a committed account support manager who works with your IT team to understand your environment and then creates an action plan to meet your objectives.
  • HP Critical Service: If downtime means serious business consequences for your company, you need a support solution that helps you improve service levels through direct access to experts and provides up-front avoidance and rapid responses to problems.
  • HP Proactive 24 Service: Because your business needs to be up and running 24x7x365, HP Proactive 24 Services collaborates with your IT staff to provide round-the-clock monitoring, 24x7x365 issue resolution, 4-hour onsite response for hardware issues, and sound advice.
  • HP Critical Advantage Service: Critical Advantage helps you build, operate, and continuously improve your environment to achieve your business IT goals.

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  1. HP Mission Critical Partnership
  2. HP Critical Service
  3. HP Proactive 24 Service
  4. HP Critical Advantage Service

SS_image006Proactive Care Services

HP Proactive Care Service is a flexible, comprehensive, and cost effective service that combines smart technology and support to boost performance. We work in partnership with you to provide proactive consultation, recommendations and reporting from technology experts—as well as rapid expert support if needed.

Proactive Care integrates both proactive and reactive hardware and software support elements so you can get superior value out of your IT investments. HP Proactive Care is structured on three guiding service delivery principles:

  • Personalized: You have access to advanced technical expertise for rapid problem diagnosis and resolution with a premium call experience, where a Technical Solution Specialist (TSS) acts as a single point of contact for end-to-end case ownership.
  • Proactive: Proactive Care leverages industry-leading remote support technology for real-time monitoring, alerts to diagnose and fix issues early, call logging for reactive support, and to help avoid downtime.
  • Simplified: With a single point of contact to manage your case from end to end, and an integrated set of support deliverables, you simply select one of three service reactive hardware support levels. You can purchase Proactive Care at any time (at the time when you purchase your HP products or contractually afterwards), and can cover the entire stack.

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  1. HP Proactive Care

SS_image007Foundation Care Services

HP Foundation Care is a portfolio of reactive hardware and software support services that are significantly enhanced with the introduction of HP Collaborative Support. HP Foundation Care offers major benefits, including targeted response times, coverage windows, and length-of-term options to protect your business from downtime 24×7. Yet HP Foundation Care is also simple, affordable, scalable, and personal.

Foundation Care Services include:

  • Hardware support
    • –Remote and onsite problem diagnosis and support
    • –Replacement parts and materials
    • –Customizable support coverage windows and response-time SLAs
    • –Electronic support information and services via HP Support Center
    • –Escalation management for HP components
  • Collaborative support
    • –Single point of contact for reactive platform level support: problem resolution support across the stack of hardware, firmware, and HP and 3rd party software
    • –Problem resolution of third-party ISV software – HP resolves problems on your behalf
    • –Electronic support information and services via HP Support Center
    • –Engagement with HP Experts via phone/web/both
  • Software support
    • –Technical assistance for software implementation and operational problems
    • –Software, firmware and documentation updates
    • –Customizable support coverage windows and response-time SLAs
    • –Electronic support information and services via HP Support Center
    • –Escalation management for HP components
  • Integrated hardware and software support
    • –Onsite support for hardware; over-the-phone support for software available on standard business day (Support Plus), and 24 x 7 (Support Plus 24)
    • –Hardware and software support services
    • –Customizable support coverage windows and response-time SLAs Escalation management for HP components

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  1. HP Foundation Care

SS_image008Datacenter Care Services

HP Datacenter Care service:

  • Is HP’s most flexible and comprehensive support offering
  • Is a relationship-based approach to personalized support and management of heterogeneous datacenters
  • Is a structured framework of repeatable, tested, and globally available services “building blocks”
  • Provides an environment-wide support solution tailored to your specific needs

With Data Center care, you get an Account Support Manager (ASM) who knows your business and your IT environment, and who can help you select the services you need from an extensive portfolio of support and consulting services. The ASM leverages our experience in supporting complex environments, global support partnerships, and technical expertise, so you get exactly the services you need—when and where you need them—in a single contract.

We help you reduce complexity and risk, save time and costs, improve availability and performance, and free up your staff to concentrate on innovation. With Datacenter Care, we can deploy, operate, and evolve your data center wherever you are on your IT journey.

  1. HP Datacenter Care Service

Consulting Services

CS_image010Cloud Consulting Services

HP Cloud Consulting Services—including planning, design, and implementation services—will help your organization understand the implications of the technology, people, and process elements of your cloud strategy. The HP Converged Cloud approach provides unconstrained access to the IT resources your organization needs to fulfill its objectives.

HP Cloud Consulting Services include:

  • HP Converged Cloud Workshop: The HP Converged Cloud Workshop demystifies and simplifies your cloud transformation journey and facilitates fast alignment and an action plan through highly visual displays so you can adapt cloud computing across your people, processes, and technology.
  • Cloud Planning Services: Prepare for the unknown and apply practical experience while you plan for a converged cloud future with an IT environment that leverages the best of conventional IT, private cloud, managed cloud, and public cloud.
  • Cloud Design Services: HP experts conduct a detailed technical and business analysis and create a detailed design leading to specific technology, tools, and recommendations based on HP Cloud Computing Reference Architecture.
  • HP Cloud and Infrastructure Consulting Services for SAP: Are you looking for ways to make your SAP environment more flexible and agile for your customers? If so, prepare your SAP infrastructure and organization so that both can take advantage of virtualization and cloud hybrid delivery models.
  • Cloud Protection Program and Consulting Services: Putting your computing resources and data in the cloud requires an integrated and comprehensive approach to information security. Make sure your cloud information security strategy is information centric, built-in, adaptive, and proactive.
  • CloudStart Solution Services: HP CloudStart lets you deliver a private cloud service less than 30 days after systems installation. And it runs on HP CloudSystem, a platform for building and managing cloud services across public, private, and hybrid environments.

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CS_image012Converged Infrastructure Solutions

IT infrastructure costs and limitations can impact your company’s responsiveness to opportunities and challenges. HP Converged Infrastructure Services can help your company achieve your goals more quickly and easily by helping you combine your people, processes, facilities, and infrastructure into one easy-to-manage service.

HP Converged Infrastructure Services support your company by recognizing the value of infrastructure convergence—the convergence of servers, storage, networks, and management software—in enabling cloud-based and shared infrastructures. HP experts will help you design, implement, and manage your internal cloud and shared services solutions on a converged infrastructure.

HP Converged Infrastructure Services include:

  • Converged Infrastructure Design Service: Includes organizational design and technology governance, enabling a smooth transition to a shared-services cloud environment based on converged infrastructure.
  • Converged Infrastructure Implementation Service: Provides your company with the integration and implementation services you need to fully deploy and optimize your new converged infrastructure environment.
  • Converged Infrastructure Transformation Workshop: This highly visual experience allows you to spend a day with an experienced HP converged infrastructure expert, covering fundamental converged infrastructure and cloud computing people, processes, and technology topics.
  • Converged Infrastructure Pilot Service: This service is designed to help you experience the capabilities of the BladeSystem Matrix.
  • HP Roadmap and Business Case Service: The Converged Infrastructure Roadmap and Business Case Service features a suite of services to help you transition to a converged infrastructure.
  • Converged Infrastructure Support and Education Services: Flexible HP support options include Mission Critical Services, Remote Insight Support, and Multivendor Support.

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CS_image013Critical Facility Services

HP Critical Facilities Services include consulting, design, and assurance services for new or retrofit data centers. HP experts combine design engineering and architecture with IT expertise to design and build data centers that will help you meet your changing business needs with lower facilities, capital, and operating costs.

As businesses enter new markets and seek new ways to connect with customers, the demand for new IT services escalates. With conventional data centers, one size fits all—every application gets the same facility services at the same cost. Now IT can implement flexible infrastructure such as blade systems, storage-area networks, and virtualization, all matched carefully to business needs.

HP designs and builds modular, multi-tier data centers. The HP approach helps align IT, facilities, and line-of-business organizations to match data center capacity and flexibility to business needs. That means lower cost and more room to maneuver down the road.

HP Critical Facility Services include:

  • Critical Facilities Consulting: HP will show you the steps you can take to create your data center solution and position yourself for long-term growth.
  • Critical Facilities Implementation: HP acts as prime integrator for planning, designing, building, and commissioning your data center.
  • Critical Facilities Design: When it’s time to build a new facility or retrofit an existing one, HP translates your business and IT needs into a business case.
  • Standardized Assessment Services: HP Critical Facility Services Standardized Assessments span the portfolio of data center assessment services.
  • Critical Facilities Assurance: Can your data center do the job your business expects? HP examines your facilities and operations to determine exactly that.
  • Technology Intensive Facilities: HP provides not just data centers, but also comprehensive design services for other technology-intensive facilities for enterprises, government, and the military.

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CS_image014Technical Services

HP Technical Services include a portfolio of service options that supplement your IT department and make your business more agile—to meet new demands as circumstances change. HP Technical Services help improve service delivery times while maintaining operational efficiency—and help you when it’s time to upgrade your infrastructure.

Technical Services help you:

  • Streamline your approach to operational efficiency
  • Enhance operational continuity
  • Drive continuous improvement across your data center environment
  • Support your data center operations more efficiently, ultimately improving your innovation output and operational efficiency

Many businesses struggle with the burden of increased IT sprawl, combined with fewer resources for day-to-day operations. To remain competitive, IT experts call for businesses to partner with third-party service providers.

HP Technical Services can:

  • Fill the gaps created by staff with siloed skill sets
  • Optimize the equipment you already own
  • Maintain ever-changing technology to keep your system up-to-date
  • Upgrade your business with new, more efficient processes

Our Technical Services engineers supplement your IT department so your IT staff can do what they do best. Plus, you can control your fixed costs more effectively because you’ll spend less time trying to find expertise on new technologies.

HP Technical Services include:

  • Server Operation Services: Helps you predict, monitor, and improve server performance across your data center.
  • Infrastructure Optimization Services: HP assessment services diagnose your system’s health and offer comprehensive recommendations.
  • Software Operation Services: HP offers broad expertise with its own operating and management software, as well as products from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, BEA, and other industry leaders.
  • IT Security and Risk Assessments: HP will evaluate your security strategy, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current security posture, gauge the risks to your IT infrastructure and business data, and show you how to address potentially damaging vulnerabilities.
  • Storage Operation Services: Get the most out of your day-to-day storage operations and contain costs by drawing on as-you-need-it assistance for capacity planning, SAN design, solution configuration, data backup and recovery, and data replication.
  • ITSM Assessment and Improvement Services: HP will assess where you are and what needs to be addressed to build your IT services management strategy.

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