Enterprise Storage

Cloud, Block, File, Unified, Distributed, Tiered, Flash & Big Data

Works Computing was founded in 1994 on the principals of enterprise storage. Works Computing has done countless storage array installations, resolved numerous complex I/O performance issues, and moved PB’s of data over the years. We have not lost our focus on this; the storage team at Works Computing is second to none. And yes, we even mean the big guys too. We do storage right.

Storage has become much more complex over the years, and a comprehensive storage strategy is key to both performance and overall data retention. The good news is that Works Computing is one of only a handful of VAR’s in the country that understands every major storage platform, and sells most of them as well. You can buy consultant reports, and have a parade of vendors through your shop, or you can just engage us. We strive at getting to the short list of what is right for you and your needs. Procuring the right solution is just one part of our value in storage.

Backup, restore, replication, data tiering, performance consulting, managed services, and more, are all part of Works DNA in storage. Storing and managing data from creation to expiration (even if there is no expiration) is what we do.  And of course, it is safe to say now or at some point soon that Cloud will be a part of your storage strategy. As the volume of data generated in business grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage data and storage subsystems. An enterprise storage architecture is the solution, but how do you choose the right one for your enterprise?

With Works Professional Services technical and consulting background we help clients arrive at the right decisions for their environments. To achieve efficient backup and recovery in an enterprise, one should take a consolidated information infrastructure approach. To achieve zero downtime, the information must be centralized through a networked storage infrastructure. This allows the information to be centrally protected, shared, and managed. Works Professional Services can help a client architect the proper solution.

The backup solution can be server-less across the LAN or a LAN free solution. Whatever may be the choice of storage, most IT professionals need to realize that even in today’s economy if you create a comprehensive storage strategy, it will translate into a competitive advantage and significant financial gain. Storage solutions should integrate well with OS environments. The various flavors of Unix, Linux, Solaris and Windows represent the open systems area. These systems are diverse and most hardware and software solutions may not inter-operate in all these environments.

Works Professional Services will pay particular attention to the compatibility of all hardware and software in the environment. Highly available enterprise storage architecture allows you to:

  • Store and access information on an as-needed basis
  • Extend your resources through virtual capabilities
  • Scale up and scale out to meet changing needs
  • Simplify storage management
  • Protect your data and your investment
  • Improve efficiency of storage systems by helping you manage more storage with the same resources

Our Enterprise Storage partners include DellEMC, HPE, NetApp, Nimble, and Pure. For more information contact us!