Client Briefing Center

Try Before You Buy

You’ve done your homework. Now you know what IT solution is best for your business. But, how will it perform when it’s installed? Will it take more time to manage than originally thought? This isn’t the time to second guess your decision.  Welcome to the only one of its kind technology lab in the Upper Midwest.

Demo Lab

Our on-site demonstration lab is stocked with the most current, state-of-the-art equipment. Here you’ll experience various hardware and software environments first hand, before you buy – allowing you to select the perfect solution for your enterprise IT needs.  Check out our list of Available Demos.








Training Center

Training is the number one way to ensure the success of the solution you are implementing. Inform and train your staff before and after your equipment is installed in our 30 seat training center.

Our extensive Client Briefing Center offers you endless advantages, including:

  • Evaluating new products and code before installation
  • Testing new software versions before going live
  • Assessing new IT technologies and strategies
  • Developing solutions to existing technology problems
  • Analyzing potential data migration methods
  • Practicing disaster recovery techniques before challenges occur
  • Conducting on-going, customized training to enhance staff expertise







So, what are you waiting for?

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