Data Center Virtualization

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Virtualization has become a critical key to cost effective IT operations.  Although server and storage virtualization have become mainstays in the data center, additional virtualization technologies continue to make their way into every aspect of the data center.  The challenges of incorporating new virtualization technologies into existing environments can be daunting, and few have the holistic approach and experience to reap the benefits in the data center.  In addition, when compounding the virtualization strategy across multiple data centers, the picture gets even more out-of-focus.  Works has the experienced personnel to help with both the technical and business perspectives, with proven return on investment models which show actual increases at in IT efficiency, which is what makes data center virtualization so relevant.

Works specializes in true data center strategy- server, storage, network, application, cloud and management of the infrastructure as a whole. It may be as simple as how to cost effectively replicate data between two or more sites, or encompass a fully managed active-active data center from one pane of glass. It could be as mainstream as how to better manage storage, server, and network resources more as one, or as exotic as a portable data center in a pod. Works can go in all directions with a number of the industry’s largest players.

The best way to start to understand what Works can do for you in this area is to spend some time going over operational directions and challenges with our outstanding Solution Architects. This is a no charge session where we understand where you are at, where you want to go, and how Works can help. It could lead to a simple sale or a multiyear data center wide transformation project as we have done for several clients. Bottom line, Works does a lot more than sell line items; we are a proven strategic IT partner for many clients.

Enterprises are adopting virtualization to eliminate costly “server sprawl,” lower energy bills, and increased management control of IT resources.

Server virtualization enables consolidation of compute, storage, and network resources into a vast virtual pool that administrators can provision on the fly to set up and tear down services as needed. Consolidation reduces the number of physical devices, along with their power, space, and cooling requirements, to lower hard costs.

Desktop virtualization centralizes control of user computer and data resources. Today’s solutions centralize control and management of existing desktop and laptop computers and their applications. In the long term, desktop virtualization eliminates hands-on management of multiple versions of operating systems and applications in individual client devices. Users perform business processes using inexpensive client devices instead of costly, fully loaded personal computers.

Your Works Solution Architect can help you achieve the full benefits of server and desktop virtualization. Our experts understand the complex interaction of hardware, applications, storage, and networks underlying the virtual fabric.

We can help you:

  • Assess, design, implement, and support virtualized environments that fulfill your business goals
  • Optimize the capabilities of virtualization throughout your entire IT infrastructure, ensuring a smooth, predictable transition
  • Bring global perspective to your virtualization projects with our multiple vendor certifications spanning our extensive portfolio of award-winning data center, networking, storage and desktop solutions

Our Data Center Virtualization partners include Brocade, Cisco, EMC, HP, Microsoft, NetApp, VCE and VMware.

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