Composable Infrastructure

Composable Infrastructure is the Best of Both IT Worlds

Thanks to Hewlett Packard Enterprise, you can use (and pay for) only the resources you need with a new approach to IT: composable infrastructure, and specifically HPE Synergy, powered by Intel®. HPE Synergy is made up of flexible infrastructure building blocks that can be automatically assembled and re-assembled to meet your company’s changing application needs.

Today’s rapidly changing market conditions make it difficult to plan ahead for IT resources — and in most cases, organizations tend to be overprovisioned — which wastes money and results in under-utilized assets. Provisioning traditional IT infrastructure is often a slow and manual process that reduces your business’s effectiveness to respond to shifting market trends.



Read the eBook, “HPE Synergy for Dummies” to learn more about how composable infrastructure can help you accelerate application delivery. Download the eBook now.