Boosting the Efficiency of In-House IT

Blog 2In today’s Idea Economy, IT has become a value creation engine tasked with driving organizational change and disrupting traditional business models. However, any company saddled with inflexible infrastructures won’t be able to quickly pivot, scale and launch new initiatives that outpace competitors. To create an efficient IT organization—one able to work at cloud speeds—think hybrid IT. This approach solves two of the biggest challenges that block agility: the administrative work that keeps IT from focusing on strategic agendas and deployment challenges that delay projects.

Defining Hybrid IT

The term hybrid IT refers to a shift in infrastructure thinking, one that simplifies architectures and creates a single foundation for supporting both traditional and cloud-based workloads. With fluid resource pools intelligently controlled via software-defined management tools, hybrid IT boosts efficiency by giving you the ability to:

• Manage all resources and workloads from a single management interface
• Stand up new applications in just minutes
• Easily shift workloads from traditional to cloud
• Streamline firmware, VM, and drive updates
• Apply standard security, compliance and performance policies across all users, networks and apps
• Automate a wide range of low-level administrative tasks that prevent IT from focusing on creating value

Accelerating Transformation with Hyperconvergence

Next-gen appliances, such as the HPE Hyper Converged 380 powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, embody the principles that define Hybrid IT on a micro level. These pre-defined infrastructure building blocks provide all the compute, storage, networking, VM and server resources needed to support specific workloads—be they traditional or cloud. More importantly, these resources can be shifted in seconds when corporate initiatives change. With hyper converged appliances, you can deploy VMs in just five clicks to keep infrastructure issues from impacting corporate growth and agility.

Efficiency = Financial Gain

While it may be hard to quantify the impact greater IT agility will have on the bottom line, there are ways to measure the benefits of increased efficiency. First, there’s the tremendous man hour savings generated by automating administrative work. And, Hewlett Packard Enterprise found that transforming in-house IT with hyperconvergence is a proven way to:

• Lower cost per desktop by 35% when compared to the leading public cloud vendor
• Cut the cost of disaster recovery by 62%

As a long time Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum Partner, we can show you exactly how to leverage hybrid IT to create an efficient IT organization that’s able to respond instantly to evolving corporate directives, market opportunities and BU needs.
What are your IT goals? Let the hybrid IT experts at Works Computing create a transformation plan that accelerates your results. Contact us today for more information.



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