Attack Analysis

Works Computing believes that understanding the human behavior behind the hacks is the key to your company’s security posture. In our unique cyber security hacking session, we will give you the opportunity to learn first-hand hacking behavior, and then to see how these actors react behind the scenes of an attack.

This remarkable perspective provides you with the understanding and philosophy to better manage your existing tools and improve your security practices. While performing sample attacks, Works Computing’s security experts will educate staff members on identifying indicators of compromise and share multiple tools to assist in testing, at no cost.

Typical Offensive Cyber Security Hacking Agenda

  • Introduction to Dark Net
  • Review of your current tools and security expectations
  • Discuss and review current security exploit tools
  • Demonstration internal & external penetration testing
  • Utilize security exploit tool kits and soft-attack customer lab
  • Simulate a threat incident with customer tools

Customer Outcome

  • Detailed report of attack techniques
  • Timeline of tools used and time devices were soft attacked

Focus on your core business initiatives and let Works Computing’s professionals help with the rest. To learn more about how we can help you keep your data secure, ┬áplease contact us at 952.746.1580.