VMware Assessment

Environments Always Change…

With a variety of management interfaces and reporting tools, getting a complete understanding of your virtualized datacenter becomes increasingly difficult.  The reality in today’s IT Operations Management leaves organizations dealing with:

  • Overprovisioning
  • Alert Storms
  • Lack of clear visibility
  • Security Risks
  • Lack of Automation and Orchestration

Works Computing’s Professional Services team can help you get an understanding of your environment, and begin the process of improvement.  A VMware assessment will give you an extra set of eyes on your virtualized environment, allowing you to improve and grow!

VMware Assessment with Works Computing Professional Services


       collect Collect Using a blend of 3rd party tools and VMware specific sets, our engineers will pull a variety of performance metrics specific to your environment.  With a quick installation, some data can be made immediately available, while some assessments may run for 21 days.
    analyze Analyze Our engineering team, utilizing specialized toolsets and their experience will compile the results from each of the toolsets used.  With this data they will look for best practices, performance issues, security risks, and more.
present Present Our engineer will meet with you, and discuss the results and how they specifically apply to your environment.  Immediate concerns, long term areas for improvement, and strengths will be laid out in a concise manner, complete with documentation.

Upon completion of this assessment, our customers will have a much better understanding of areas for improvement, growth, and concern.  Our customers have been able to quickly identify trouble spots, and with Works Computing’s help, remediate the issues.

Our customers are able to:

  • Increase VM Density
  • Lower Capex and Opex
  • Improve SLA service delivery
  • Improve Performance
  • Increase Uptime
  • Automate and Orchestrate

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